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Work with Katie Treggiden and the first thing you tap into is 20 years of IMMERSION in the creative industries and a decade in craft, design and sustainability. She travels to the world’s design fairs, reads voraciously, questions everything and everybody, and is relentless in her pursuit of understanding.


The next thing you get is INSIGHT – combine your brief with all that knowledge and something magic happens. It might be a connection with someone new, a fresh perspective, or a simply the sentence that suddenly makes sense of everything.


Finally, there’s ARTICULATION. Whether the output is written or spoken, you can rely on Katie to deliver with creativity, clarity and captivation – as Caroline Davidson put it, “Writing as functional and elegant as an Ercol chair”.


Consultancy, copywriting and public speaking services

01. Finding your voice (consultancy):

The first step towards developing engaging and differentiating copy is defining your brand’s vision and developing an appropriate tone of voice with which to articulate it. Katie Treggiden’s brand workshops get all of your key stakeholders around a table for a deep dive into your brand’s vision and values, giving you a clear picture of who you are and how to tell your story. The next step is defining your brand’s personality and tone of voice. This process starts as part of the brand workshop and is refined as Katie writes key pieces of copy, ensuring she has lived and breathed your brand’s voice before committing anything to guidelines. Your tone of voice guidelines can then be shared with anyone creating content for your brand to ensure consistency across communications channels. 

Brand workshop

Tone of voice guidelines

02. Using your voice (copywriting):

Copywriting is about what you say as well as how you say it. A decade in top London advertising agencies on brand and marketing strategy, combined with another decade as an independent craft, design and sustainability journalist and author, gives Katie Treggiden both horizontal and vertical insight and expertise as well as the ability to craft compelling copy.

You can work with her on a one-off project such as a press release or journal post, or engage her across your brand, developing ‘core stories’ for each event, product or service that can be adapted into press releases, e-newsletter copy, website updates etc. 

As well as craft, design and sustainability, she specialises in Nordic furniture and workplace design. 

About page

Website copy

Designer profile

Core Story

Press release

Brand book


Blog / journal posts

03. Honing your voice (editing and proofreading):

If you have pre-existing copy, Katie Treggiden can edit or proofread it, making sure its message is clear and it reflects your brand values. This can be particularly helpful for copy that has been generated in-house, translated from another language, or written by someone for whom British/American English is not their first language.



Daniel Schofield

'As a creative, writing about my own work can be a struggle, so Katie’s help was immeasurably valuable. She understood what I was trying to say and put it in a way that was eloquent, intriguing and easy to understand'

Furniture Designer

04. Amplifying your voice (events and public speaking):

Katie Treggiden is a confident and engaging public speaker, whose keynote addresses and panel events are in-demand on the international conference and event circuit, both in-person and via digital channels. Her easy on-stage presence belies the meticulous preparation she puts in behind the scenes and she is always willing to go the extra mile – delivering workshops, engaging with delegates and other speakers, and fully immersing herself into every event in which she participates. 

Keynote speech

Topic definition

Script writing

Workshop delivery

Panel sourcing

Panel chairing

Academic lecture

‘In conversation with’ style interview