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Making Design Circular with Katie Treggiden is a podcast exploring the nuances, complexities and mindset shifts we all need to embrace to move towards a more circular and regenerative economy – seen through the lens of craft and design. Most of us know what to do to become more environmentally responsible, it’s the “how to be” part of the conversation that, until now, has been missing. Exploring themes such as perfectionism, values-aligned decision-making, and the role of playful experimentation in solving a very serious problem, Katie’s is a rare and hopeful voice that cuts through the noise.

“One episode in and I’m hungry for more.”

“Thought-provoking, informative and enjoyable – I’ve binged both seasons in a week! Lots to think about. Just need more now…!”

“Katie coaxes ideas from the depths of her guests’ minds.”

“Engaging and brilliant – I loved every minute of this important and timely series. It was informative, often eye-opening and the dynamic between the host and her guests is wonderful”

“If you’re human, then this is important.”

“Really meaty conversations! Some wonderful guests who are at the top of their games and some inspiring conversations that really get in there and unravel the difficult stuff”

“Totally love it! I have listened to three already – and signed myself up for Zero Waste Week.”

Press coverage

Selected past guests

Yinka Ilori

Multi-disciplinary artist & designer

Lucy Siegle

Environmental journalist & writer

Chris Ræburn

Fashion designer

Seetal Solanki

Designer, researcher & writer

Justin South

Restoration Station volunteer

Celia Pym


Jay Blades

Furniture restorer & broadcaster

Daniel Charny

Designer, curator & design educator

Brand partnerships

Podcasts offer a unique way to connect with a highly targeted audience. Avoid the distraction and overwhelm of social media or email marketing and instead build an intimate relationship with potential clients and customers by speaking directly into their ears. People tend to listen to podcasts while they are doing something physical such as walking, driving or folding laundry, so you get their full attention – they are not skim-reading or scrolling, in fact, 80% listen to all or most of each episode.

With the rise of podcast popularity, and of Making Design Circular in particular, you will gain access to a loyal audience who listen to every ad you serve, and an almost infinite longtail of ad impressions due to the evergreen nature of the content. 69% of podcast listeners agreed that podcast ads made them aware of new products or services and 67% remember brands from podcast ads. And they tend to be affluent and educated – a good source of potential clients and customers.

Partnering with Making Design Circular enables you to join and support important conversations about the role of creativity in the transition to a circular economy and to reach a loyal and highly targeted audience of environmentally conscious creatives. The intimate nature of podcasts makes their ads five times as effective as web ads, because the trust listeners place in their host is conferred to the advertiser – a responsibility Katie takes very seriously, only partnering with brands she trusts.

Source: Podcast Insights 2020

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Other Ideas Tailored To Your Objectives

Case study: Inhabit

A brand partnership with Making Design Circular involves more than just ads on the podcast – although they play an important role – and can be completely tailored to your objectives. 

In Season Three, Katie partnered with London-based hotel group, Inhabit, on a project that involved mini-episodes created for their channels, Making Design Circular on every in-room TV across their properties and a press event hosted by Katie at one of their hotels. 

She also offered creative consultancy that included a sustainability workshop for senior leadership and design teams, introducing craftspeople to the brand, with whom Inhabit is now collaborating to implement the ideas that emerged from the collaboration.

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Podcasts guests

Katie is currently seeking podcast guests who can contribute their expertise to one or more of the nine mindsets that comprise the Making Design Circular framework.

The three topics within the “release” root entail addressing climate guilt, embracing imperfect progress, and making values-aligned decisions. Moving onto the “plant” root, she’s eager to delve into discussions about cultivating defiant hope, the significance of focused effort, and the exploration of playful problem-solving.

In the concluding “grow” root, conversations will revolve around the pursuit of lifelong learning, the effectiveness of an incremental approach, and the vital importance of self-care within the environmentalist community.

For a more comprehensive overview, please listen to Season 3, Episode 1, where Katie introduces this framework in detail.

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Katie Treggiden is also the founder and director of Making Design Circular — an international membership community and online learning platform for environmentally conscious designers, makers, artists and craftspeople.
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