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Katie Treggiden is one of those rare souls who actually enjoys public speaking – and it shows. Her keynotes inspire and inform in equal measure, keeping audience members gripped from beginning to end and giving them actionable steps to take away with them. Her seemingly effortless, engaging and conversational panel events belie the meticulous planning she orchestrates behind the scenes. Katie has chaired press conferences, delivered keynotes for international conferences and is a regular at design events such as Milan Design Week, Stockholm Furniture Fair and the London Design Festival. She invests herself fully in the events she speaks at, attending the entire conference to engage with speakers and delegates alike on the broader themes of the day.

She is frequently called upon for expert commentary by radio, podcast and TV broadcasters who rely on her to deliver original insights in a concise, articulate and engaging manner – and she is increasingly being invited to speak at virtual conferences and via digital channels. 

Client testimonial

‘Katie is the obvious choice when looking for a respected face from the world of design. She engages audiences, keeps panellists on point, and delivers in an authentic and conversational way.’

Rachel Newman
Iris Worldwide for Mini Living
Client testimonial

‘Katie cuts through the bluff and bluster of trends to eke out the underlying ideas shaping the design industry. As a critic and commentator in print, online and radio, her reporting and analysis enriches the debate with hard-gleaned insight, clarity and charm.’

Josh Fehnert
Monocle 24
Circular with Katie Treggiden

Circular with Katie Treggiden is a series of conversations with the thinkers and doers of the circular economy – the people bringing about genuine change by challenging the historic ‘take-make-waste’ model of production and consumption and instead proposing new ways of meeting our needs without compromising those of the planet, other species or future generations. Series one focuses on waste and the potential of repositioning the things we currently throw away as the raw materials of the future.

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