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Fight to Repair Podcast

The Fight to Repair Podcast: Weekly dispatches from the front lines of the global fight for the right to repair, including interviews with repair warriors on the front lines hosted by Paul Roberts, the founder of and The Security Ledger and Jack Monahan.

Katie Treggiden featured as a guest in episode 019 of the Fight to Repair podcast exploring the surprisingly simple approach to environmentalism that you probably haven’t thought much about is “craft.” talking about why repairers need hope, not guilt!

You can listen to the full episode here

This week we welcome Katie Treggiden, a speaker, podcaster (, and author known for her expertise in craft, design, and sustainability.

Katie’s journey into the world of environmentalism took a unique path. Before she delved into issues like sustainability and circularity, she was a craft and design journalist. What sets Katie apart in her approach to environmentalism is her ability to see the world through the lens of craft.

For her, repair is not just about fixing what’s broken; it’s about storytelling and connection. She believes in the beauty of mending, where ordinary people can breathe new life into items using readily available materials and simple skills.

Katie’s perspective on repair extends beyond the individual level. She envisions a world where repair becomes a cultural norm, where we value objects for their history and the stories they carry. The intersection of environmentalism and repair, as seen through Katie’s eyes, isn’t about sacrifice; it’s about creating a future filled with joy and connection. Nor is repair just a means to do less harm, instead seeing it as a tool for a path towards doing more good.

Katie’s most recent book is all about repair, and we talk through how it relates to everything from human connection to solving our oversized waste problem.

Learn more about Katie’s work:

Wasted: When Trash Becomes Treasure

Broken: Mending and Repair in a Throwaway World

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Katie Treggiden is also the founder and director of Making Design Circular — an international membership community and online learning platform for environmentally conscious designers, makers, artists and craftspeople.
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