25 Beautiful Homes, October 2015

Two Become One, my homes feature about how Eugenie Nixon and husband Guy combined their flats into one spacious family home, appeared in October’s issue of 25 Beautiful Homes. (All copy as submitted.)

Eugenie Nixon and husband Guy lived across two apartments for a decade before finally joining them into the family home they’d dreamed of. Not ones to do things in the conventional order, Eugene was pregnant with their first child when the flat above Guy’s came onto the market, so she snapped it up. For ten years, the couple and their growing family – they now have two boys, plus Guy’s older sons – lived in both apartments, with bedrooms in one and living rooms in the other. They moved between the two via the communal staircase. ‘The neighbours didn’t mind,’ laughs Eugene. ‘They got quite used to seeing us come and go in our pyjamas.’

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